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Emily Rusch
CALPIRG Education Fund
Executive Director

Emily Rusch is the Executive Director of CALPIRG Education Fund. 

She has overseen CALPIRG Education Fund's research projects and public education on issues including election reform, money in politics, consumer protections, energy and transportation policy, and public health protections. She has been quoted in the Sacramento Bee, Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the San Jose Mercury News, and other news outlets on CALPIRG’s priority campaigns. She has co-authored numerous research reports on public health, transportation, energy, election, and tax and budget policy policies in the public interest. 

She sits on the Board of Directors for Health Access California and the Consumer Federation of California. She is also an original member of the Future of California Elections, a collaboration between election officials, civil rights organizations and election reform advocates to examine and address the unique challenges facing the State of California’s election system.

Emily got her start with U.S.PIRG’s fellowship program for recent college graduates, working on successful campaigns with New Jersey PIRG to significantly increase the state’s renewable energy standard, establish energy efficiency standards for common products, and pass a law to adopt California’s low emission vehicle requirements in New Jersey. 

Emily grew up in Culver City, California and graduated from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, with a B.A. in History and Spanish. She’s based in our Oakland office. 

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